2013: A Year in Retrospective

Apart from proving that we can use long words, it is indeed the time to look back and objectively admire what we have done here through the past year, as we have just broke the 50K views barrier:


What else happened? We have had CharityWork48 new posts, and of them the leading post for 2013 being “Loyalty Programs KPIs” (JUL), with 557 views. Very impressive, considering the fact that it had no nude models. In fact, our top post EVER is “7 Tips for Key CRM Metrics (Online Casino)” (NOV 2011, 973 views), and this one had NO pictures at all. You weirdoes.


Our 2nd best post makes a bit more sense: “Pictures from #BAC2013” (SEP), with 531 views and 42 pictures of good looking people, as well as Alex Pratt. In fact – it’s 9 more pictures than actual words in the text of this post :)

Quality – this is all what we are here for.

50K_SmallCountriesAll in all this year we have had 16,307 views, from 115 countries. Although we thank the iGaming hubs of the USA (19%), the UK (16%) and Israel (6%) for leading the chart, we are especially happy about the ones with the funny flags and 1-5 annual visitors (click on the image to enlarge; yet, don’t get too many hopes – only the picture will get bigger).

Other key achievements:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What can you expect in 2014? Being honest (as still – nobody is paying us to do otherwise, as much as we keep asking for corporates to bribe us), pretty much the same thing. Oh – we will try to work on that “nearly one picture every day” statistic. Embarrassing.

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