Oh, Elizabeth

Hello, and thank you for calling our insurance company; please die.Insurance companies are the source of all evil. In fact, they can TEACH iGaming people about lack of morality, and hey – look around you at the office: it doesn’t seems like there is an inflation of people with tender hearts, right? That said, even they (at least pretend to) offer some sort of a Customer Support to their clients.

As CRMers, CS is a resource we use in order to materialize our strategy, and as such – we do care about the agents and their extremely hard and unappreciated line of work.

This is why you will surely find the following story by Mick Brady, as originally appeared on http://www.crmbuyer.com/, very relevant to what we do, and learn the importance of CS as a major impacting factor over satisfaction and hence, retention.

To read the full story, Click Here.

PS: XMAS 2014 is upon us. Submit your campaigns and get a chance to be publicly bashed on our annual Promothon!


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GI Friday: EiG 2014 in Retrospective

DSC_4846Are you already subscribed to Gambling Insider’s “GI Friday” magazine? Even if you do follow daily on all the iGaming news and industry updates, this is a cool option to lay back and read a short summary of anything that is important when the weekend is already knocking on your desk, trying to wake you up so you could finally leave the office (or was it the cleaners?)

Last week they have published a short review of the notable items from the Berlin show, written by our own Shahar Attias of Hybrid Interaction; so, on top of strongly suggesting you guys to easily register to their weekly mailing list (there’s also an app!), here’s it the text:


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Online Casinos Halloween Promothon 2014

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/byebye22/

We have made it really easy for you this time:

Halloween 2012 -> Detailed review of each and every promo – we rock!

Halloween 2013 -> OK, so deep analysis is not your thing; How about twitter-friendly reviews of up to 140 characters? You welcome!

Halloween 2014 -> Not even that, eh? So, here’s a graphic novel version that might even fit your slim-to-none level of education… SCREENSHOTS ONLY! Continue reading

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Rise and Shine: Discount to end this Weekend!

UPDATE: a selfie with my panelists !

אני והיפות שלי



AffiliaTLVHey lazy bones! (or, in your case, much like Cartman from Southpark, lazy AND big boned)

As you know, on next Sunday (NOV 2nd), the OFXGTLV & AffiliaTLV confere
nce will be held in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Let me say it again, an iGaming conference in Israel; can you think of a reason why you WON’T be attending this?

And following up on the same line of thought, if you book a ticket through us by the weekend we can offer you a 30% discount, so even the cost can match your already cheap standards! Simply Contact us and get yourself ready for a… well, another conference, but it’s about iGaming, and in Israel!!

There’s also a free lunch and a party in the evening, so yalla – see you next week :)

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Pictures from the #EiG14 Party

As you well know, the Germans have a reputation for owning a very strict and organized mentality. And it reflects well with the extra fine products they manufacture: electronics, cars and pretty much any item you can think of has a quality seal attached to it, if it was “Made in Germany”.

Such a perfection can be reached only by following the right order of doing stuff: you first of all plan – and then execute, you first of all wake up – and then have a chicken liver for breakfast, you first of all demolish the wall that has separated between East and West for decades – and then develop a very eccentric and confused sexual identity:

Does you father know?

And when it comes to conferences – you first of all wear a suit and walk for hours across the exhibition floor, and then party as if you don’t have another day of professional sessions in just few hours :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[youtube http://youtu.be/SftyV_eDY-g]

See you in #iCE2015 !

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Pictures from #EiG14 Day1


Guten Morgen! Here in Berlin we are getting ready for yet another long day of highly anticipated  meetings, highly recommended sessions and let’s not forget – high heels.

Here is a pictorial summary of the events from yesterday, as well as an interview with Joakim Nilsson from http://scrmcloud.com/ – ENJOY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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A Day Spent at Bitcoin Online Casinos

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/105644709@N08/Everybody is talking about Bitcoins. “Price is going up!”, “It’s been a bad year for Bitcoin; investors only made 730x their initial investment in the past 5 months”, “My grandmother got me 0.38 of a Bitcoin for Christmas”. You have heard some variation of this yourself in the past, but the question remains: What the hell is Bitcoin?

If you are looking for a full scale, well-articulated and in-depth explanation, you came to the right place. Here at iGamingCRM.com you can expect nothing but the best, most thorough research. As such, our professional answer is: Google “What is Bitcoin” and you will get this link. You’re welcome!

Decided to stay? Well, here’s the “Bitcoins for Dummies iGaming Executives” version: Continue reading

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AffiliaTLV, NOV 2nd – Will You Be There?

Hi all,

Just a brief update: Shahar Attias will be moderating a panel in the upcoming AffiliaTLV conference on November 2nd, 2014:

AffiliaTLV Agenda - be there!

Interested in discounted tickets? Contact us!

Interested in sponsorship? Contact them!

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Your Ideal iGaming Platform

Online Gaming PlatformYou grew up with your betting system, and like an old pair of jeans, it’s gotten to a point where it’s become so comfortable – you just can’t imagine how another one can fit as perfectly. The beige interface, same reports with the good-old missing fields, list of KPIs nobody has ever used –  it’s part of you, and the stuff your corporate culture is made of… pure nostalgia. And hey, you got yourself a pretty decent business going on without those crisp graphs anyway, right?

Meanwhile in another world, new ventures are being established and are basing their back-end on technologies that actually evolve with time and adapt to the modern needs of operators like you. Armed with the knowledge that these advanced tools might be giving the other guys a competitive advantage, is this the right time to remake the classic printer scene from “Office Space”?

If indeed it is, let’s list what you should be looking at while reviewing an iGaming platform: Continue reading

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Mobile CRM and Online Gambling

Mobile CRM for Online Casinos: Have Fun @ WorkThe excitement is at its peak! After weeks of planning, the budget was finally approved; MarCom have worked out a brilliant concept along with mind blowing graphics. BI have just segmented the updated groups of targeted DB fresh from the oven, and you are about to deliver yet another glorified campaign to hundreds of thousands of users in dozens of different languages. You are one click away from laying back and lighting this big, fat Cohiba…

Yet, let’s be realistic: if more than 20% of these emails are ever opened, you can consider yourself one lucky CRM manager. Considering the fact that all these efforts were invested in by so many resources, it’s quite a shame.

What’s the alternative, you may ask? Continue reading

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