AffiliaTLV, NOV 2nd – Will You Be There?

Hi all,

Just a brief update: Shahar Attias will be moderating a panel in the upcoming AffiliaTLV conference on November 2nd, 2014:

AffiliaTLV Agenda - be there!

Interested in discounted tickets? Contact us!

Interested in sponsorship? Contact them!

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Your Ideal iGaming Platform

Online Gaming PlatformYou grew up with your betting system, and like an old pair of jeans, it’s gotten to a point where it’s become so comfortable – you just can’t imagine how another one can fit as perfectly. The beige interface, same reports with the good-old missing fields, list of KPIs nobody has ever used –  it’s part of you, and the stuff your corporate culture is made of… pure nostalgia. And hey, you got yourself a pretty decent business going on without those crisp graphs anyway, right?

Meanwhile in another world, new ventures are being established and are basing their back-end on technologies that actually evolve with time and adapt to the modern needs of operators like you. Armed with the knowledge that these advanced tools might be giving the other guys a competitive advantage, is this the right time to remake the classic printer scene from “Office Space”?

If indeed it is, let’s list what you should be looking at while reviewing an iGaming platform: Continue reading

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Mobile CRM and Online Gambling

Mobile CRM for Online Casinos: Have Fun @ WorkThe excitement is at its peak! After weeks of planning, the budget was finally approved; MarCom have worked out a brilliant concept along with mind blowing graphics. BI have just segmented the updated groups of targeted DB fresh from the oven, and you are about to deliver yet another glorified campaign to hundreds of thousands of users in dozens of different languages. You are one click away from laying back and lighting this big, fat Cohiba…

Yet, let’s be realistic: if more than 20% of these emails are ever opened, you can consider yourself one lucky CRM manager. Considering the fact that all these efforts were invested in by so many resources, it’s quite a shame.

What’s the alternative, you may ask? Continue reading

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Playing poker is a hard way to make an easy living

Do you follow on Well, if you don’t, you should. Apart from providing a fantastic (and much needed) service, in the past month there was a very interesting discussion over the question: “What is it like to earn a living through poker?

True, you will not get any pictures of cute models in this site, but you will be able read authentic experiences of poker pros that actually did/do that; such as Jeff Meyerson, who shares the good (“it got me a weird sort of recognition and popularity in school”) and the bad (“This came at the expense of school, health, and proper socialization… I got barely any exercise and ate mostly pizza, oatmeal, and breakfast tacos”) about this unique lifestyle.

Anyway, here is a link to the Quora page.

Show off your bunnies - send us your Easter Promo!Switching back to what actually makes money online these days – if you happen to be a CRM manager for an online casino, please send us your Easter Promo, ahead of this year “Easter Promothon”.

Remember: we give you an option to show off with your bunnies; if you choose not to – you are just a rabbit.

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4 Key Points from the 2014 CRM Conference

Yes, we have been busy. And this is why this post has been “slightly” delayed. What can possibly be a good enough of an excuse for such an absence?  “Things.“

The same “things”, that from time to time may “hit the fan”, as the Americans say.  Or similarly, make lawyers who accidentally step on them to start screaming “I AM MELTING!”

Bottom line, these “things” happened, and required us to “get things done”. You can consider this as an apology. Or not :)

Now that this was sorted, let’s go back to focus on CRM: Continue reading

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#LAC2014 Mega Post: 74 Pictures

From the pre-registration, through the networking parties, the financial trading expo and the iGaming exhibition floor, and ending with the traditional poker game at the Sunday session – here is a sweet pictorial summary of last weekend’s conference in London:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week we will be back with out usual/boring/professional updates.

Speaking to of boring people – this clip is definitely the opposite:

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Pictures from #iCE2014 2nd Day

Did you know that the only man-made object you can see from space is the Great Wall of China? Oh, and probably also the Novomatic stand…

This year’s show definitely gives a different perspective to the slogan “Thing BIG”. And then some. And of course, at night, during the Fire & Ice party, there was even some more (or less, if you count clothing into the mix):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, enjoy. Today LAC begins, with their take on how to make this week in London even closer to epic biblical stories about Sodom and Gomorrah. Stay tuned!

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Pictures from #iCE2014 1st Day

Work hard, party harder – probably the best slogan for this week.

As such, yesterday was indeed a great experience at the annual CRM and Retention conference, with loads of ongoing updates through our @iGamingCRM twitter account. Nice quote from the day? “If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”

After all was said and done, as required by the mentioned slogan, we had to also party, and as there is no task that is beyond us – we did it just as well…. hitting first the Sushi-Samba and moving later on to that place, where the common outfit just makes you wanna chew slowly on a carrot and say: “Eh… What’s up, doc?”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for further updates, as today we will cover the exhibition floor!

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Enroute to #iCE2014: C U Tomorrow!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to London We Go!It’s that time of the year again… yet even on the gazillionth  time, it’s still as exciting as ever – meeting the same dear rounders, bound by law LTV.

As already promised, through FEB 4-8, we will constantly update you with new pictures and CRM friendly content on this blog and via our @iGamingCRM twitter handle.

On top, during the CRM track (Click Here for the agenda) Shahar Attias will send a 140 characters summary of each and every session – so be sure to register and monitor the activity.

For meetings during iCE / LAC and media inquiries, please contact Shahar Attias at or +972-52-857-7539.

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Shahar Attias to Chair the CRM Track at iCE Next Week

The Annual Online Gambling CRM & Retention ConferenceThe Annual Online Gambling CRM & Retention Conference is the pinnacle of the industry’s Player Development professionals. In no other place you can find top experts talking freely about trends, case studies, KPIs and generally – everything that interest us on our daily routine.

Mr. Attias, the CEO & Founder of Hybrid Interaction, the premier iGaming consulting firm, returns as the chairman of this day-long event, and much like as in previous times (check out the detailed summary), you can expect constant updates, practical jokes questions and a thorough reviews the week after. Continue reading

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