New Head of Poker Consultancy

Tel-Aviv, October 27th, 2011: Hybrid Interaction Ltd. welcomes Scott Yeates as its new head of Poker Consulting Services. Scott joins Hybrid Interaction from PokerStars, where for nearly 5 years he was leading the VIP Program.

Scott will provide strategic direction and hands-on expertise to Hybrid Interaction’s expanding portfolio of poker clients, and as an experienced rewards program specialist, he would naturally fit into the core business of Hybrid Interaction: cross-vertical loyalty schemes enhancement.

“I was working directly with Scott few years back when we first established the Player Relationship Marketing team on the Isle of Man,” said Shahar Attias, founder and CEO of Hybrid Interaction. “Scott’s extensive knowledge of best retention practices and vast experience in the Poker field, especially in what triggers the professional game makers, will have a significant, positive impact on our work in no time.”

During his time at PokerStars, Scott played a key part of designing the most advanced online poker loyalty program, and as one of the previously largest players of the network, his insight was used to craft a program that had appeal to the new players, old players as well as the largest players on the internet.

“Hybrid Interaction is committed to maximizing its clients’ Lifetime-value by bringing together key professionals from across all verticals of the iGaming community,” said Scott. “I am thrilled to join this ROI-driven organization at such a pivotal time in online gambling history.”

For further information or comment please contact:
Yulia Jeshinko
Business Development Manager
Tel: +972-52-3433686

About Scott Yeates
Following a 14 years career in the digital printing industry, Scott – who was always fascinated by Poker – decided he needed a change. He picked up on the online version right when Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker, and started constantly winning packages for live events over the internet. As a top tier player, he shared his ideas on to improve their business with PokerStars, until one day at 2005 came an email back that he hadn’t expected, “Do you want a job?”. His first task was to apply his behind-the-scenes understanding of what goes through a professional poker mind, into an immediate way to resolve the issue PokerStars had at the time with how can they deal with rakeback. VIP Program was the perfect solution, and he quickly become the Poker Community voice  within the organization, contributing to the ever improvement to meet the needs of PokerStars as well as the players.

About Hybrid Interaction Ltd.
Since 2007, Hybrid Interaction has grown into the industry’s leading iGaming Player Development consultancy firm. Offering hands-on solutions, we assist clients through professional advisory services in the areas of CRM Strategy Building, Retention
Marketing, Conversion Tactics, Loyalty Schemes and VIP Management. Our portfolio consist of global brands such as, the Austrian Lottery, the leading mobile platform provider Viaden, the publicly traded GamingVC, Financial Trading
Operators (EZtrader, eToro) and more.

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