November 15, 2011: there is a new blog in the iGaming sphere… but one unlike any other. For the first time ever, a professional blog that cover the work of the industry Player Development & Retention Executives.

Meet iGamingCRM: an expert review on modern techniques to increase your players’ engagement levels, packed with amusing behind-the-scenes stories, and written by the Hybrid Interaction team of seasoned industry veterans. Or as they say it: “as all of us already provide high level business consultation to globally recognized online gambling brands, we thought we might as well lead the community of CRM people, and try having fun while we are at it. After all, we meet with some of you during our various projects, and hey – some of you are quite interesting talking to…”.

So what can you expect to find in this blog? Tips on CRM Strategy-Building, Retention Marketing, Conversion Tactics, Loyalty Schemes, VIP management and generally speaking: anything that has to do with maximizing your customer base lifetime value.

On top, there will be a constant stream of hot topics and trends’ review that surly can interest any executive working for a customer facing gaming operator. Examples: key metrics for a promotional analysis, preferred reward systems, open discussions about the most unique player events, Social CRM 101, etc. Getting excited? There is a lot more to come. Don’t think it’s exciting? Go looking at rotating banners.

As THE meeting spot for people who segment stuff for a living, the iGamingCRM blog will host the first-ever social networking event for iGaming CRM people from throughout the industry (January 25, 2012). Free beer & wine, great food, and most important – a Retention friendly atmosphere is promised :) For further details and registration please visit the iGamingCRM blog.

Asking yourself why would people working in such an intense environment (just like yourself), spend so much time on sharing their daily routine with peers? Well, here is their answer:

A. Mind your own business.

B. We really really enjoy this s**t.

For further information or comment please contact:

Yulia Jeshinko

Business Development Manager

Tel: +972-54-6642351

About Hybrid Interaction Ltd.

Since 2007, Hybrid Interaction has grown into the industry’s leading iGaming Player Development consultancy firm. Offering hands-on solutions, we assist clients through professional advisory services in the areas of CRM Strategy Building, Retention Marketing, Conversion Tactics, Loyalty Schemes and VIP Management. Our portfolio consist of global brands such as, the Austrian Lottery, the leading mobile platform provider Viaden, the publicly traded GamingVC, Financial Trading Operators (EZtrader, eToro) and more.

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