Oh, Elizabeth

Hello, and thank you for calling our insurance company; please die.Insurance companies are the source of all evil. In fact, they can TEACH iGaming people about lack of morality, and hey – look around you at the office: it doesn’t seems like there is an inflation of people with tender hearts, right? That said, even they (at least pretend to) offer some sort of a Customer Support to their clients.

As CRMers, CS is a resource we use in order to materialize our strategy, and as such – we do care about the agents and their extremely hard and unappreciated line of work.

This is why you will surely find the following story by Mick Brady, as originally appeared on http://www.crmbuyer.com/, very relevant to what we do, and learn the importance of CS as a major impacting factor over satisfaction and hence, retention.

To read the full story, Click Here.

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