CRM & Regulated Sports Betting

Hybrid Interaction creates CRM strategy for Israel Sports Betting Board

Seeking to boost revenue from its online sports-betting platform, the state-owned Israel Sports Betting Board hired Hybrid Interaction to develop a new customer-loyalty program. Now complete, the program will soon be made operational with the development assistance of London-based LVS.

The Israeli governmental agency has had an offline betting version of its service, Toto Winner, for many years. The online version is only three years old and had not included any methods to encourage players to continue to place bets. Such methods — referred to as “maximizing player long-term value” — are employed by virtually every privately run gaming operation. Because computer-based activities are easily monitored, online gaming managers are able to segment their customers and provide more precise marketing incentives than their offline equivalents.

The Hybrid Interaction’s team, lead by the CEO, Shahar Attias, reviewed the data that had been collected through the operation’s website,, and created a system that will help bump up receipts for the ISBB. “Our review of the database shows that there are several opportunities to strengthen the operation,” Attias said. “But we need to offer flexibility as well so that the ISBB can run the program in a way that best serves the public needs.”

The director of iGaming for the Israel Sports Betting Board, Mrs. Almor, says it needs to weigh two opposing factors in running the operation. “As the only regulated betting service in Israel, we exist not only to provide entertainment but to help local municipalities throughout the country receive the funding they need to provide critical services,” she said. “At the same time, we know that while most of our players are able to bet in moderation, there are a small group of people who simply can’t. So we have to be certain that we balance all of this very carefully, and Hybrid Interaction has given us just the tools we need to do so.”

Hybrid Interaction Ltd., is a globally recognized customer loyalty and retention marketing consulting firm. Mr. Attias, who blogs at iGamingCRM, is a frequent speaker at online gaming conferences throughout the world. He has served in top marketing positions at some of the leading gaming operations in Europe and has been among the pioneers of database-driven marketing strategies for the iGaming industry.

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