Have you ever noticed how other people from your company making plans for the next affiliation marketing conference with that sleazy smile on their faces? Ever thought, just for a second, that you are not getting appreciated enough for making more money for your company than the entire acquisition team, ON STEROIDS??

This blog is written by experts, like you, who have been through the same experience for many years and wanted to unite all of us Customer Facing Specialists at one place, and provide them with a tool to discuss their professional work with similar peers. Pretty neat, eh? By the end of the day, it’s one paranoid industry we work at, so social interaction between those people who usually stay behind the excel scenes is not likely to happen.

We figure – as all of us already provide high level business consultation to globally recognized iGaming brands through www.hybridinteraction.com – we might as well lead the community of CRM people, and try having fun while we are at it. After all, we meet with you guys during our various projects, and hey – some of you are quite interesting talking to (not you Thomas… told you many times you are just stupid!).

So join us. We have cookies…

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