Random Thoughts RE #iCE2017 & #LAC2017

Everybody is going Asia these days: and for a good reason. The potential is gigantic, it’s still a “Wild-West” market and there are many “exciting challenges”. You could live quite happily without the latest, but it is still part of what makes it so interesting.

True, not everybody agree on the kind of exaggerated graphical materials that attracts the local crowd, but it makes all sorts to make a world, right? Or at least, to make a pink monster truck / whatever seems to be tasteful in this side of the globe.


VIP perks have lost their connection to reality: who thinks that this is the kind of rewards actual people want? Have you ever bothered with asking your players for what could really interest them, BEFORE offering UFC tickets to a 50 years old female librarian?

Live Dealers still rule: maybe it’s because of the UK market dominance in these specific events, but these games account for more and more percentages of the operators’ bottom line. It’s a known fact that bookies try to convert punters to a more lucrative play (lower Game Win / Higher LTV) through this vertical, but it also seems that even stand-alone casinos embrace the growing number of relevant content providers.


Curved screens are sooo cool: OMG. How can someone go next to one of these, without stopping and admiring the technology behind it? Yeah, dreadful games, but playing anything on such a luscious device seems to be fun.


However, B2B parties are so lame: true, good old fun is being frowned upon in this modern age, but we are the gaming industry. Could it be that while the rest of the world is condemning political correctness, it would be us, left behind as a relic of a mature behavior? And no, serving candies doesn’t help to sweeten the adultness pill.


Binary Options are dead: end of an era. If you have ever confused this part of the industry with Forex Trading, then those are the ones that aren’t over-packed with zeros.


iCE was huge, as it usually is: and the new VOX feature was banging it. Just give us few more of those easy going and relaxing days at sunny London every February!


LAC was different, as it usually is: different location, different atmosphere (in a good way – very business oriented), yet with the same great crowd, who has been circuiting these events for so many years now, it almost looked as if someone just sealed us all in a time machine.


img-20170206-wa0022-effectsTo conclude, here’s a friendly warning:

As much as London is a fun place to spend a week in, and regardless of how intoxicated you may be due to the large quantities of free alcohol served in gaming gatherings, you should never dance. Not in public, and probably not even when you are alone.

Why? because you will never be as good as she is. Period.

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1 Response to Random Thoughts RE #iCE2017 & #LAC2017

  1. Jakob says:

    It’s cool you used the curved slot screens from BF Games!

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