Viaden / Mobile B2B Partnership


Tel-Aviv, March 1, 2011Hybrid Interaction, Ltd., the premier consulting group for online iGaming operators, continues to help the industry’s leading firms find new and innovative revenue opportunities. Most recently, Hybrid Interaction has assisted Viaden Gaming, a Belarus company that has provided online and mobile games since 2006.

Hybrid Interaction’s CEO, Shahar Attias, was engaged by Viaden for a three-day session at its corporate offices to help the game developer’s staff members gain deeper understanding of its business partners’ needs as well as the overall industry. Additionally, Attias helped Viaden develop a conversion cycle and loyalty plan for one of its business partners.

Viaden says that it’s able to distinguish itself from its competition by engaging business analysts to research each market’s demands. Hybrid Interaction has been among those helping Viaden realize that competitive advantage and is delighted to continue its association with the game maker.

“With the growth that companies such as Viaden are experiencing, it’s important that everyone on their staff has a thorough understanding of the industry,” Attias said. “Viaden recognizes that, and it’s one of the keys to their success.”

Viaden’s CEO, Viktor Prokopenya, said he has relied on Hybrid Interaction to ensure the organization is up to date on industry trends. “We as a company have so many areas that need our daily attention, so we can’t possibly stay abreast of everything outside our operations. That’s why it’s been so valuable to have Hybrid Interaction serve as a reliable and deeply informed business partner.”

For more information on Hybrid Interaction, please contact:

Yulia Jeshinko
Business Development Manager
Tel: +972-52-3433686

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