If you’re serious about CRM, plan on having some fun!

We’re hosting the first-ever social networking event for the top CRM executives in the iGaming industry in London after the second day of iCE’s professional conferences (January 25, 2012). Free drinks and free-flowing conversation!

Your host will be Shahar Attias , the chairman of the iCE’s CRM & Retention track. At the conclusion of the session, we’ll head across the street from the convention in Earl’s Court to the legendary Pembroke pub. This is your chance to share thoughts and new ideas with the leaders of CRM/Retention/Loyalty/Player Development in online gambling.

Count on an event so retention-friendly, you won’t want to leave!


As you may know, the CRM & Retention track will be a day-long exploration of some of the hottest and most important trends, such as:

  • Leveraging customer insight to drive loyalty
  • Extending lifetime value and spend per customer
  • Using social media to get inside the mind of the online player
  • Build loyalty across products and brands, both online and offline
  • Missed the early-bird rates? Contact us today and enjoy our corporate discount :)

After discussing challenges for hours, you may feel that you’ve got 99 problems, but we’ll ensure the beer ain’t one! So come, unwind and have fun at this real-time, in-person social networking event — the perfect way to top off the day!

Please register  in advance. Space is limited.


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