Easter Promothon: In search of the elusive bunny

With Easter soon upon us, we thought about another competitive analysis of holiday-themed promos by the leading online casinos, much as we did for XMAS 2011 (Part #1, Part #2). But the universe wasn’t aligned with our ideas and we ended up making God laugh quite a bit. Why? Nearly all operators whose promos we reviewed in December either didn’t have an Easter promo or if they did, they weren’t making it public.

Would that stop us? Dream on. We are a serious consulting company, and we want to see bunnies in promos! Really – no matter how contrived, bring us the widdle wabbits, as our hero, Elmer Fudd, used to say.

Still, to date we’ve had next to nothing to work with. But we’ll share with you what we’ve found about what’s going on this weekend in our highly moral industry:

 bwin Instant Casino

T&C: Earn points (from 5 to 500) every day for at least five days (out of 10).

Win: Guaranteed prizes ranging from 10 to 200 EUR, according to your earned points.

Theme: No bunnies, they don’t use the term Easter and there are no colorful images. Classic dark and  gold. They do have an egg, though.

Generosity: Quite good, to be honest. Requirements are not too high, and if you are already a loyal player, you can get a nice kick out of it.

Casino Club

T&C: Deposit at least 10 EUR during their “Happy Hours,” which last 2 hours on 3 different days in April. Yes, that’s it. We had to read it twice to believe that THIS is their Easter promo. [NOTE: They do mail their customers some kind of surprise bonus, asking a 20 EUR deposit to participate in some kind of a raffle, but (A) it’s not public, and (B) it’s a raffle, and (C) we are into bunnies.]

Win: 30% bonus, up to 100 EUR.

Theme: It’s actually called an Easter Promo, and they feature sweet, colorful eggs with an instagr.am atmosphere – but no bunnies.

Generosity: Pathetic. Virtually any small operator would give more away on just a normal day.

Scratch Games

T&C: Yes, we were desperate. We had to go into Scratch World to dig up some promotions (which fits nicely with our recent post about Fixed-Odds Gaming.) Anyway, you need to deposit – imagine that.

Win: 110% bonus up to 220 EUR, with unlimited attempts through the Easter weekend. Beat that, competition.

Theme: Bunnies! And eggs! And bunnies!

Generosity: Best so far. Nothing complex nor sophisticated, but anything over 100% is fine by us, and if it’s unlimited… Oh, and they have a special Easter game as well. It has bunnies in it we are told. Mind your own business.


T&C: Who the hell is GGN you ask? A respected group of Playtech-based brands operated by the bwin.party organization that happens to CARE ABOUT EASTER AND RUN A DEDICATED PROMO, that’s who. They offer daily treasure hunt tasks you need to complete.

Win: 80,000 EUR prize poll.

Theme: Pirates. Yes. But they do have a parrot, which makes sense if you are a pirate. But not during Easter. On Easter Pirates should either have a bunny on their shoulder or they can go naked. Rules are rules.

Generosity: Unlike everybody else, these guys actually came up with a nicely designed, well-crafted promo. But at the end of the day, it’s a raffle. With no bunnies :(

William Hill

Not really a promo or anything like it, but they offer double comps on their bunny-themed (!) Easter Slots & Scratch <- Tip: free play is possible for non-registered users.

Why are we mentioning it here? They have bunnies, of course! Don’t you get it?

Conclusion: Not much of an effort by our educated CRM execs, which is a pity because during Easter you can create all sort of bunny-related themes in which you can use bunnies. If I was a player (if…), I would have felt that they have just cut me off and treated me like a stranger, and that feels so rough.

P.S.: Before we leave for the weekend to go paint some colorful bunnies, we’ll remind you that you can still submit questions for the CEO panel taking place in Dublin next month. Yes, Thomas, local people there are Irish, but you can’t go spraying them with cream.

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  1. UPDATE: Not really an online casino, yet our newest client, Virgin Gaming has launched a funny themed Easter promo for their community: https://www.facebook.com/VirginGaming/app_195646697137509

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