Beat The Panel

At the iGaming Super Show in Dublin, Ireland, next month, our own Shahar Attias will co-host a panel discussion predicting what else this crazy year is going to deliver to our already crazy enough iGaming sector. Even if you’re not able to make it, we’ll be sure to raise whatever questions you have. Some topics that are sure to come up are:

  • Regulation – Italy and France, now Denmark and Spain, and soon Germany and the U.S. How will the industry change?
  • Mobile – With events such as the Olympics and Euro 2012 coming up, will it become the preferred channel?
  • Social media – Will traditional gaming companies move in and try to dominate another channel, or will it be the other way around?
  • Full Tilt Poker – Does the brand still hold a chance?
  • Playtech – Is there any valid competition?
  • Asia – Can we finally settle the question on whether the same techniques used elsewhere work there?

What else is on your mind? What thoughts do YOU have about these topics? Tell us! Shahar’s panel discussion will take place at noon, May 24, in Conference Room 1.

If you’ll be around, get in touch. The first beer is on the house!

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2 Responses to Beat The Panel

  1. JJ Woods says:

    regarding the regulation Topic , i certainly think you should include ireland!

  2. Thanks JJ, will do :)

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