Da Christmas Promothon

** UPDATE: Please also read the 2nd part of this XMAS Promothon Series

It’s mid-December already, and as men of our Word Excel (ha ha), we took our time and reviewed some of the known online casinos’ XMAS campaigns. How did we do it? Lots of alcohol. Seriously, no more Grey Goose for us until Hanukkah. Yet we have also found the time in our busy schedules to review the promotions you have created and grade them based on:

  • Design (20 possible points)
  • Creativity (35 possible points)
  • Attractiveness (45 possible points)

We know what you think we should do with our points, yet according to knowledgeable sources that’s not healthy, so we are going to skip that for now. (Thomas, we understand this is what you consider to be your job, but at least don’t lick your finger afterwards!)

Fun aside, we welcome your comments. Contact us if you want to point out what we missed in our rigorous analysis. (Ho-Ho-Ho!)


Say what? Typical 24 prizes calendar. Any real-money stakes qualify. Single daily winner declared the following day.

Juice: Prizes include 150 to 200 EUR cash bonuses, free-spins (really?), PS3 consoles (yea!) and such.


  • Design = 20. Fantastic.
  • Creativity = 10. Still looking for any.
  • Attractiveness = 40. Caters to sports punters – They R What They R.

Total = 70. Great looks, but taking a safe bet with hardly any innovation (apart from the free-spins, but that’s the wrong way to be innovative). Still, they know their audience, and for that audience a 200 EUR cash bonus is enormous, on the verge of unbelievable. So bottom line is a Passable-Plus campaign concept, offered in one of the best-looking stockings we’ve seen this year.


Say what? Through the entire month players are invited to play on a “Charity Slot” (Is there any other kind?)

Juice: 8% of all profits will be donated to various charities. Yes, we ARE serious.


  • Design = 5. Rubbish.
  • Creativity = 25. Well it is one of a kind, we can say that.
  •  Attractiveness = 8, Exactly the same as the percentage they claim to donate.

Total = 38. We really hope it’s not their REAL promo and that they do have something in favor of their players up their sleeves. Otherwise they may have found a very creative usage for that stick of old Santa. It is a promo that’s both unique (because nobody else would do it for a damn good reason) and supposedly done to help causes of supreme importance. But whatever happened to “we value our customers and as such decided to donate a f**ckload of diamonds to XXX”? In this example, X = 8 as it seems.


Say what? Another daily calendar approach, with nearly endless list of various rewards.

Juice: Daily huge raffles, extra spins on selected slots, deposit bonuses, shopping vouchers.


  • Design = 15. Super cute!
  • Creativity = 10. Wow, daily prizes.
  • Attractiveness = 40. Loyal players have no need to look elsewhere.

Total = 65. Someone put a lot of thought into this promo’s design and prize selection. However, the logic of the promo slot machine is beyond any sober player, and more important: couldn’t the campaign concept be slightly more imaginative than sour cream?

William Hill

UPDATE: As per their specific request, WHO have asked to remove all links to their website…

Now back to the original, poor scoring they have had:

Say what? Don’t hold your breath – it’s a calendar, and each day you need to do different things to win a limited set of prizes.

Juice: Beer for a year, iP-ad/od/hone, beer for a year, cameras, beer for a year, other stuff, beer for a year.


  • Design = 10. Seen better, seen worse.
  • Creativity = 15. A calendar, but they do offer beer for a year.
  • Attractiveness = 35. Although the crowd is the same “care to make it interesting” folks, players are required to risk more than just any real-money stakes.

Total = 60. Nice and nothing more. Prizes are indeed richer and more modern than the average sports site, but you expect more from a brand that has such strong core casino traffic. Next.

Europa Casino

Say what? Through December, depositing players are entitled to pick cash bonuses and claim them by contacting support.

Juice: €5 – €25 daily


  • Design = 8. Nearly a blank page, but with nice high-res images of wrapped gifts.
  • Creativity = 30. Takes a lot of courage to be so simple at this time of the year.
  • Attractiveness = 40. They give their players what they want, but nothing more than that.

Total = 78. Exactly, so logically! Content editors say that in mass communication you should create messages “as if you were talking to a sixth grader.” Well, that’s what they did. Our single negative feedback is that a) players need to contact support to claim their prizes (bummer); b) there are no mega-prizes whatsoever (mega-bummer), and c) that we have never learned how to count properly.

Mansion / Casino.com

Say what? Earn a raffle ticket for depositing $50 and 3 extra tickets for every additional $100. There’s also a 5 tickets special deal for first depositors and a 5-week race for loyalty points.

Juice: Raffle prize is a new car (30K EUR, and the race’s top 10K spots win a wide range of prizes, from scratch cards and gadgets to a $2,000 holiday.


  • Design = 8. Christ-mess.
  • Creativity = 20. ; Not a calendar – a raffle! But we just love loyalty points races.
  • Attractiveness = 30. Good mixture of simple & attractive rewards, along with few stimulating mega prizes.

Total = 58. A very big prize, yet an Audi (not our idea of a hot ride). Lucrative points race, yet most spots are looking at another raffle as their prize. Creativity factor would have been higher if it wasn’t the exact same campaign for 2 different brands (yet it isn’t).

This ends the first round of our Promothon. We’ll post a few more reviews next week, just before you all head out to spend some quality time with actual humans (who have values and stuff).

PLEASE NOTE: We’re hosting a CRM people party in London on January 25 at the ICE conference Interested? Let us know because space is, much like your budget even before holiday shopping, quite limited.

** UPDATE: Please also read the 2nd part of this XMAS Promothon Series

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