4 Key Points from the 2014 CRM Conference

Yes, we have been busy. And this is why this post has been “slightly” delayed. What can possibly be a good enough of an excuse for such an absence?  “Things.“

The same “things”, that from time to time may “hit the fan”, as the Americans say.  Or similarly, make lawyers who accidentally step on them to start screaming “I AM MELTING!”

Bottom line, these “things” happened, and required us to “get things done”. You can consider this as an apology. Or not :)

Now that this was sorted, let’s go back to focus on CRM:

The annual CRM, Loyalty & Retention Conference in London was a big one (pictures from Day#1, Day#2). But this is usually the case when you have annual meetings. So did it stand out, in any particular manner?

  1. The concept was “real-time”, so speakers actually touched an acute point which is probably the hottest trend at the moment.
  2. To compliment that, we have updated our faithful readers with constant tweets from the sessions as they have progressed.
  3. Unlike some other cases, the sponsored sessions by Maxymiser and ConnectNow were actually services that have been field-tested already, and it made sense to hear them out.
  4. The traditional “non-iGaming” session was conducted by Dr. Nicola Millard, a futurologist with BT (yeah, unlike you, her job title is not “DoNothingOlogist”); she was super interesting and reviewed scientifically backed up observations RE customer communication.


Want to see more of what we talked about that day?

Click here to download some of the presentations.


Want to learn even more?

Be there next time.

As you can see, most attendees are quite happy with the content…


Been to too many affiliates’ parties recently?

You better take a Bubble Bath:

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