Online Casinos Halloween Promothon 2013

Play our ghostly slots…“; Oh, there is a better one: “Win a bag of spooky bonuses…”;

But the rock star of them all is of course: “Only Treats – No Tricks”. How clever.

Enough is enough, CRM bitches.

CC_Witch-PNGBased on a somewhat hazy concept, we assumed that by objectively review some of the more interesting themed promos, we will actually assist you to do your work better. Therefore, we have hoped that you will get more creative this year – by comparison to last year’s Halloween Promothon 2012.

Well, we have now learned NOT to assume anymore when it comes to people with special needs, such as you lot (yes, you know who we are talking about).

As such, this year we are going to make it even easier for you: No ranking – just swift reviews, using no more than 140 characters per campaign. After all, it’s only pictures you are interested at anyway…

So there you go, from A-Z, seven brands who actually managed to get some productivity done by their promo teams (please note – we have used the term some):

888 Casino

All players: Pumpkin cards shuffled into Live BJ decks; each dealt card worth a ticket to a raffle of bonuses (666), theme park trip or gourmet chocolate


Non-VIPs: Deposit and earn free play on two crime-themed slot machines, as well as a ticket to a raffle of the new GTA5 + option to win the PS4 (YEY!)


VIPs: Hands down, the most beautiful promo this time; it has some content as well, but someone was smart enough to limit each review to 140 charac


All Slots

A themed acquisition promo, plus ongoing “spine-tingling” promos (oh, god) though OCT, and a chance to win iPad mini or other unnamed prizes


bwin Casino

Slots Players: Collect points and earn 5 EUR for each level you progress, plus up to 200 EUR at the top sixth tier (that’s a total of 225 EUR; you welcome)


Live Casino: Earn points through BJ & Roulette and you might win a total of 1,200 EUR in bonuses; additional surprises to be revealed at the live tables



Loyalty Point Race with prizes totaling 24,000 EUR (real cash) on top of 42,500 EUR (bonuses); cool design (note their Pumpkin altered logo)

* The witch image at this post header was taken from this promo; Click Here for their site

Casino Room

We have indeed used the term some above, and here there is merely a nice surprise at the top of the page + a list of their themed games; meh



Sweet mini-game in which you need to find the Zombie for a prize up to 200; repetitive concept, yet embedded within the client + new prizes


White Knight Casino

A new kid on the iGaming block, and as such offer a very modest promo, with daily bonuses for playing any themed slot machine, up to 100; OK


Done, and done.

Liked it? Excellent.

You didn’t, eh?

Well, same as last year, here is our politically correct opinion about, well – you opinion:

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