Rise and Shine: Discount to end this Weekend!

UPDATE: a selfie with my panelists !

אני והיפות שלי



AffiliaTLVHey lazy bones! (or, in your case, much like Cartman from Southpark, lazy AND big boned)

As you know, on next Sunday (NOV 2nd), the OFXGTLV & AffiliaTLV confere
nce will be held in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Let me say it again, an iGaming conference in Israel; can you think of a reason why you WON’T be attending this?

And following up on the same line of thought, if you book a ticket through us by the weekend we can offer you a 30% discount, so even the cost can match your already cheap standards! Simply Contact us and get yourself ready for a… well, another conference, but it’s about iGaming, and in Israel!!

There’s also a free lunch and a party in the evening, so yalla – see you next week :)

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