Pictures from the #EiG14 Party

As you well know, the Germans have a reputation for owning a very strict and organized mentality. And it reflects well with the extra fine products they manufacture: electronics, cars and pretty much any item you can think of has a quality seal attached to it, if it was “Made in Germany”.

Such a perfection can be reached only by following the right order of doing stuff: you first of all plan – and then execute, you first of all wake up – and then have a chicken liver for breakfast, you first of all demolish the wall that has separated between East and West for decades – and then develop a very eccentric and confused sexual identity:

Does you father know?

And when it comes to conferences – you first of all wear a suit and walk for hours across the exhibition floor, and then party as if you don’t have another day of professional sessions in just few hours :)

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See you in #iCE2015 !

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