Da Christmas Promothon 2013

Third time’s a charm? Meh. Let’s agree on third time, as let’s be honest – it’s not as if you have just finished directing another Bar Refaeli commercial…

So as it is the third time we edit the online casinos’ XMAS Promothon here at Hybrid Interaction, we have decided to ditch the former ranking system (you see? We do appreciate your wining feedback), and in honor of Eminem’s latest album, we have segmented your promos into three categories, dubbed after his songs:


In this cAtegory you can find thoSe promoS tHat, well, yOu wish you wouLdn’t havE found to begin with –

  • Bet365: No promo? Good luck with that. NOT!
  • BetVictor: 12 days of gifts, including tickets to the Cheltenahm Festival (WTF?) and “£5 Free Sports Bet”. Who said generosity is underestimated?
  • Casino-Club: free spins, similar design to last year, boring as an advent calendar. Yes they do have some extra “reload” bonuses (wrong term, as reload is from poker!), yet they do promote “Bay Patrol”. And for that, there is hardly any room for compassion.
  • Party Casino: same mistakes as last year… promises for “guaranteed prizes”, yet only a very modest single prize is revealed per day. Why do you even bother?

PS: we were asked to remove all links to Party Casino. Hmmm….

  • 32red: nice slogan, but everything else is mediocre at best (and it’s miles off); plus – they promote the Microgaming “Secret Santa”, and hey – we have our limits

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All of these promos are at least good, if not more than that, yet lacks the extra berzerk that would have allowed them to stand out –

  • Sportingbet: a calendar, with lots of interesting daily prizes, ranging from free-spins, apple gadgets, bonuses and more. Have a good one, Mrs. Mault.
  • DafeBet: a newcomer, who managed to pull a sweet design, along with an ordinary calendar. Not a bad start.
  • William Hill: last year was rubbish, so this year they have moved away from the same concept that lasted through 2011 & 2012. Is it better. No (raffles? Seriously??), but it’s different, so you got respect their efforts, and the prize pool is quite impressive.
  • Tropez: daily 25 in bonuses for any deposit, for 6 straight weeks. We work under the assumption that even you understood it, so it’s at least a decent campaign, on the verge of great (if the design would have been complementing the impact).
  • bwin: this would EASILY have been a major “monster category” contender, due to their amazing bonuses (66% of winning a bonus up to 100 EUR, DAILY!), yet the design is identical to last year… Entschuldigung, Herr Hattenberger.
  • Mansion: again, 3 different events (daily bonuses of up to 250, Complete 3D home-theater system giveaway and a raffle with a 60K prize poll), yet even last year’s design was sexier.
  • PAF: same old concept, which brought them the 2011 promothon wining title, with a somewhat different design. Fine, but not more than that.
  • Everest: original design, with a 10K tournament. Barely OK.
  • GGN: their usual gig, but this time with 100K EUR. ‘nough said.
  • InterCasino: lots of stuff which is good, yet the way it’s being presented is somewhat of a turnoff, without any precise flaw we can put our finger on. Possibly their games portfolio may be the reason. Not a bad effort.
  • Unibet: here is a perfect example of how the same concept, used by two similar companies, is being missed on one hand – or being excelled by the Betsson team (below). A spark would have been highly appreciated in this case.

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Industry monsters for our Online Casino Promothon, Christmas 2013 –

  • 888: “err, boss – after winning the 2012 promothon, the designers are asking if maybe we can simply reuse the same campaign?”; “hell no – I want 2 different promos that each one of them can win!”; Well, you got it… Here is a special X-Game style fun activity that can win you a daily up to 100, plus a chance for a new Xbox; also, there is a deposit campaign based on NetEnt games with up to 1,200 in bonuses per players. But this for the weak, as VIPs enjoy a stunning promo with various benefits, plus access to the not-less-stunning VIP tables at the private room of their Live Casino, where you can win loads of bonuses if you are dealt with special “snowflakes” themed cards. BAM!
  • All Slots: although a very risky deign if you are epileptic, it’s still creative, and they give bonuses by the hour, for 6 weeks, with a doubled winning amount for the last week of the year. Sweet.
  • Betsson: not a pure casino promo, as everyday they reward another vertical, but it is a very well put together campaign, their snowflakes are real (unlike our standard-and-super-annoying dots), and they have Gonzo with a Santa hat. Can’t beat that.

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Done. Like it? See it at iCE or LAC and tell us, in great detail, how much you enjoyed this remarkable article. Didn’t like it? Well, read the lyrics…

Oh, Merry Christmas !!

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