Our 100th post!

Over the past 99 posts we have offered you a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of iGaming CRM executives, provided summaries of seminars you missed because your boss was too cheap to send you, and made loads of fun of Thomas (which he deserves. After all, this is the guy who for years believed that a board chairman was some kind of super hero who could transform himself into a … chair.).

So for this, the 100th post, we are simply focusing on the number 100 and mentioning a few interesting pieces of trivia about it:772311_thumbnail

Did you know that the Hundred Years’ War actually lasted 116 years? Curiously enough, that’s very similar to the answer you give when asked what you brand’s average first deposit totals. “Oh, it’s about 100,” you say. (Yeah, that covers anything between 84 and 116).

Moving from war to sports: Earlier this month we celebrated the half-century anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s phenomenal achievement of scoring 100 points in a single game. On the same topic, only once in a hundred years will you see a dunk like this one:

Also, did you know that on average 1 out of 100 men is red headed? Lucky for the rest of us guys, we at least can expect to have sex at least once in our lives! Please note: The last Friday of March has been declared “Hug a Ginger” day. The idea must have come from the London Affiliates Conference initiative:


Speaking of percentages, obviously our highly moral industry wouldn’t be the same without the iconic “100% Match” (!!!) bonuses. But on the other hand, 1% is the conversion rate you can expect when sending mailers to lapsed players, as long as you include an amazingly attractive offer and images of even more attractive models :)

Any other fun facts about 100 you can think of? Share it with us. It might help us take our minds off our current condition. The day’s just started and already we’re having 99 problems:

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3 Responses to Our 100th post!

  1. Eran says:

    Respect :-)

  2. Excellent Post I’m a big roulette player from Holland

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