Pictures from #LAC2013 Opening Party

An actual quote from a discussion held during yesterday’s LAC 2013 opening party between Shahar Attias of Hybrid Interaction and a tall, handsome executive associated with LAC (or, in short, THEAWLAC) –

Shahar: Hey, THEAWLAC – from one to fifty, how many Russian hookers are here tonight? These tall, blonde girls do NOT work as account managers!

THEAWLAC: No idea Shahar – you always manage to notice things no one else sees.

Shahar: That’s because I am a CRM expert and I use analytical BI tools.

(PS: mixing analytical BI tools with Russian hookers has now been nominated for the geekiest answer EVER)

Speaking of which, here are some other, versatile jokes, with many different, unrelated topics:

* Hello, LAC? This is Russia calling. We are running out of hookers, so can you please send some back?

* Knock, knock! Sorry, I can’t answer the door – I am having a conference here with 50 Russian hookers.

* What’s the difference between a Russian hooker and your girlfriend/wife/partner/any other politically correct BS? Everything.

* It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No it’s Thomas – he is an idiot.

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