Season’s Greetings!

Yes, as you CRMers are filled with joy and love for all other human beings – only if they are VIPs, that is – it’s that time of the year all over again. No, we don’t refer to your pathetic attempts during the annual office party of getting 15 seconds of human contact (yes Thomas, we know that’s 14 seconds more than you need)…

We are talking about your glorious XMAS Promos!!


Now, if you could design a promo as naughty as this picture, surely you will win this 2012 XMAS Promothon, but most likely you will need to settle for creative content, luxurious prizes and amusing graphics. Last time we run this event (Part #1, Part #2), PAF won by being super generous and picking just the right theme. Can you do better? Go ahead and send us your promo either to this address or by submitting it below.

Everest Casino have already launched their event with a unique “Golden” twist. We challenge you to gain some industry respect and beat the competition!

As always, we will objectively review all submitted campaigns, praise the ones we shamelessly got paid in order to rank them higher, and laugh at all of you others Scrooges. Why? Because we value family traditions, that’s why.

Much like these two mythic figures, we expect yet another clash of epic proportions!


PS: Meet us for a drink in London during iCE (FEB 4-6) and LAC (FEB 7-10) 2013. Care to Make it Interesting?

PS2: Somehow we got nominated at the Gaming Awards… see for yourself :)

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Shahar Attias, CEO "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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