Industry Publication of the Year @gamingawards

GamingAwardsWe did it again!  Yours truly just got nominated for the 6th International Gaming Awards, and this time we are running for the “Industry Publication” title.

In fact we are so unique, that we only have 22 other competitors in the same category – how easy is that?

As we aim to represent all of you proud CRMers out there, all we would politely ask you to do is:

(A) If you know in person any of the respected judges, please go ahead and shamelessly offer to bribe them (feel free to invoice us at any point – you know you can always trust us with money…);

(B) Assuming you haven’t got the funds nor the connections to conduct section (A) above, simply embrace yourself for yet another colossal disappointment :)

GAMING-AWARDS, HERE WE COME! (especially considering this picture and all)

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Shahar Attias, CEO "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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