Pumpkin Alert

*** UPDATE: click to review the complete Halloween Promothon

Hello sexy CRMers!

Next week we are going to have the first ever “Halloween Promothon”, in which we will review your online casinos themed promos, same as we have previously did during Christmas and Easter.

What do you have to do? As with any other day your boss is away – nothing. But if you do want us to publish your oh-so-creative-“only-treats-no-ticks” efforts, please submit any mailer/link you plan for your nearest database legit (yeah, right) spamming campaign, and we will objectively review it. As always, bribes and corrupted suggestions of vulgar graphic nature are happily welcomed :)

Meanwhile, relax a bit from doing nothing, and watch this clip of a young girl dressed up as Thomas trying to scare other kids, by wearing a yellow taxi-driver raincoat and a pink pig’s nose. BOO!

*** UPDATE: click to review the complete Halloween Promothon

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