#G2E12: Pictures from the Exhibition

** Check out the also very “normal” Pre-show Pictures from Fremont St., as well as the “conservative” Photos from the Poolside Welcome Party

This blog is running for nearly a year now, and had an amazing overall count of ~20K views before the G2E kicked in. This proved me that the online gaming executives are truly interested in quality content and happy to read in-depth CRM reviews, as well as enjoying an occasional sarcastic Thomas remark.

The last 2 posts were nothing but photos of a very certain kind, and they have totaled at ~5K views… that’s 25% of the annual rate – in just 2 days! Should we debate about the implications of such a superficial interest level or should I just shut up and upload as many as possible pictures of models dressed in as little as possible? OK, got it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS: tomorrow (Wednesday, OCT. 3) at 2pm, Shahar Attias of Hybrid Interaction will join a panel focused at the difference between offline and online casino marketing approaches. Be there, or keep staring at these images. While both activities will surely make you happy, only the former will also make it easier for you making more money.

** Be sure to also check the very “normal” Pre-show Pictures from Fremont St., as well as the “conservative” Photos from the Poolside Welcome Party

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