The awful, terrible feeling of getting beat – and not being able to get revenge!

You know those anti-fraud guys at your company? They give themselves respectable titles such as “Director of Risk Management” or “Vice President of Financial Security,” but we all know what they really do – check on large winners to see if they violated any T&C before “cleaning out the house.”

As CRM executives, we work closely with these anti-fraud guys because, after all, we share the goal of trying to maximize our players’ lifetime value. And of course, any illegal action certainly doesn’t help our stats.

But what happens when these friendly investigative people can only shrug their shoulders and tell you that no rules were violated by a player who just nabbed the equivalent of your daily NGR? You stare hopelessly at your Excel sheet, trying to run whatever sorting you can devise to make the horrific report look as if this was actually a good thing. You might even try to suggest that this fits nicely with the seasonality trend.  And your boss, being an ex-D.J., might even accept that explanation or anything else you say that doesn’t keep him from leaving early. (It’s your weekly manicure appointment, isn’t it, Thomas?)

But deep inside, you’re very troubled. Your highly moral sense of values screams for revenge. Yet you know that there’s nothing to do. You just got beat.

This is exactly what happened recently to some of our friends in the bricks and mortar side of the business. A high-roller named Don Johnson won some $15 million in a very short time from three separate Atlantic City casinos playing legitimate blackjack. He took $6 million in just 12 hours from the Tropicana, wiping out its monthly revenue total. And in case you were wondering, yes, the Trop CEO who had authorized his $100,000-a-hand limit was fired.

Here is the full story. Be sure to also read the funny comments from readers that follow the story and leave some of your own. Time has come to pay.


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4 Responses to The awful, terrible feeling of getting beat – and not being able to get revenge!

  1. Blog Reader says:

    Sounds like this post’s headline refers to autobiographical experiences? Is there something that you didn’t yet get over with? …maybe related to the “arch-enemy” Thomas?
    Besides, don’t you think it’s time for a technological upgrade of Hybrid Interaction? I mean, who really uses flash in 2012?

    • From the TV show “Sherlock” (S01E02):

      Dr. John Watson: People don’t have archememies.
      Sherlock Holmes: What?
      Dr. John Watson: In real life. People don’t have archenemies.
      Sherlock Holmes: That sounds a bit dull. So what do people have in their REAL lives?
      Dr. John Watson: Friends, people they like, people they don’t like, boyfriends, girlfriends…
      Sherlock Holmes: Like I said, dull.

      Oh, and double yes: it does hurts because it happened to me as well (don’t think there is a single CRM guy out there without a dramatic, heart breaking bad-beat story), and indeed replacing that FLASH is in the works.

      As for your own identity – Care to Make it Interesting?

      • Blog Reader says:

        To my defense, let me admit that I’m not too much into Sherlock Holmes. I was wondering about the number of times your “(imaginary?) friend” Thomas is being mentioned in your blog AND the light in which he is being presented (e.g. “..just another idiot..”). Doesn’t sound like two best friends to me…more like an arch-enemies…who might be responsible for the described “awful, terrible feeling of getting beat – and not being able to get revenge” kind of feeling…don’t you think?

        Regarding my identity, as you don’t know me I’m afraid that I’m not able to make it more interesting :(

      • As promised, the website is now up and running… and on HTML5 :)!socialmedia/cpc4

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