CRM as a USP

Working in this highly moral industry of ours, usually means that you are either in the “Get” or in the “Keep” side of the business. From a different perspective, OTHER people might say that you are either doing Affiliation Marketing, or that you actually do some kind of work. Now, jokes aside, acquisition is not just fun & tricks (if you don’t own the right set of gens, these hangovers can be quite a bitch), as part of their daily routine is dealing with affiliates…

Generally speaking, affiliates are nice people, so if you happen to meet a generally speaking affiliate – please be generally speaking nice right back at them. That said, their trade usually limits their perspective (not to say, their banners) to the First Deposit of their traffic and nothing else matters.

We have previously published with our friends at iGaming Business News, an article focused at solving this specific issue: explaining online gambling affiliates how to maximize their ROI by ensuring that the operators they work with adopt better conversion tactics and modern retention marketing strategies.

So why YOU should care about it as well? Knowing what’s important to them (and being serious for only 3 seconds: the industry can not live without affiliates), will help you to do your work better, enhance your brand awareness, and most importantly: have a much closer working relationship with that smashing new account manager :)

Read all about it at:

IMPORTANT: Next week we will begin reviewing the first entrants of our iGaming Promothon. Come on, be a sport and send over your XMAS Promotion as well… we promise we won’t make fun of your highly educational campaign. We are serious. Really.

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Shahar Attias, CEO "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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