Do they Know it’s Christmas?

Well, even if they don’t, considering the gigantic efforts all operators make to promote their offerings at this time of the year, soon not only they will know, but they will also be able to lecture about it.

Even though we are about a month ahead of Christmas day, soon enough all promotional campaigns will start popping out into the freezing air of early December, and Retention Marketing executives from across the iGaming industry will finally be able to take a 20 -minute holiday break before going back to their desks in order to start analyzing the preliminary results. When it’s snowing outside and your butt is getting cold, heroic segmentation stories are to be told. Next time ask Santa for some appropriate BI tools.

Every year, this period brings out the best of your creative ideas, since during this “time of giving” we are well aware of who is always willing to take :) So, we were thinking – let’s make a Promothon! (no Thomas, not a thong. As in “Promotion” and “Marathon”. And you should stop wearing your mom’s, anyway).

As most campaigns will begin next weekend and last to New Years’, we will try to find the most interesting and amusing events you guys unleash and review them here in public.

Interested in showing off? Send us your promotion and we will happily interview you and publish the discussion as well as your take on the 2011 Season’s Greetings. Yeah – bring it on!

Just please, please, please try to avoidyet another “innovative” 12 days of Christmas. Not sure we can take it without converting our religion to Affiliationism (or whatever account managers believe in, besides banners with highlighted “DEPOSIT NOW” messages).

P.S.: Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends!! Gooble Gooble to you all, and may you have a year blessed with health, fortune and regulated online poker.

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Shahar Attias, CEO "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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