12 Tips for 2012 (Online Poker)

2012 will be a big year for online poker with so many things happening in the industry. Major players are ready to enter regulated markets. The USA will have the largest regulated market or markets.  Instead of giving you the 12 days of Christmas we are giving you the 12 things every poker site should be doing in the upcoming New Year.

  1. Survey your players – Do you know what your brand is doing wrong? Hearing it directly from your players will be a real eye-opener.
  2. Survey your employees – Do you understand what your company is doing right or wrong? Make it a point to correct the items that your employees point out. Not an easy task…
  3. Improve concepts developed by other sites – every site is doing at least one thing better than your brand. Figure out what these sites are doing better than yours and work on improving upon their model.
  4. Invent a new poker game – take a chance at inventing something you think will entertain your players. Launch a small-limit single table playing your game.What do you have to lose?
  5. Ask smart people (sorry Thomas) from other departments their opinions of specific items related to your business.
  6. Do a cross promo with another vertical – Poker players love betting on sports, so have a go at running a poker promo where winners get an $11 ticket to use in your sports product.
  7. Improve your play money poker options – often, neglected play money players can be a great source of new real money customers.
  8. Offer electronic forms of poker books to your players.
  9. Use your blog to make heroes out of your players.
  10. Build your Twitter and Facebook communities.
  11. Use numbers from PokerScout to set goals for the New Year – if another site is just ahead of you on a specific parameter, get your team working on how to beat such sites in 2012.
  12. Have fun!

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Shahar Attias, CEO www.hybridinteraction.com "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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4 Responses to 12 Tips for 2012 (Online Poker)

  1. Can you please tell us some more about point 7 (Play money players)? My experience with this kind of stuff is very negative!

  2. True, most PM players are never going to deposit. There is a small group that will deposit once they trust your site or a promotion that moves them. By setting up an automated challenge, you can convert a higher percentage for very little cost. Email us and we’ll give you some specific examples for your market.


  3. Tsahi Levy says:

    Love the tips although you didnt point any single activity for the regulated markets segmens. I fully agree with points 4 and 6 since that what our platform is all about. But the again I maybe biased.

    Insightful so thank you.

  4. Scott Yeates says:

    Shoot us an email Tsahi, we’ll go over some options.

    Scott at hybridinteraction.com
    VIPScottY on twitter

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