Texas Hold ‘Em Heads Up Poker “Slot Machines”

wpid-IMG_20130617_094943.jpgHola Amigos. This weekend we are all off to Barcelona for both BAC and EiG. Just before this crazy week begins, here is a recent article from the NY Times (a tiny, meaningless publication that has nothing to do with iGaming or nude models, so not sure you have ever heard about it), reviewing a new trend in offline gambling: heads up poker machines that can beat even the best human players, and not just in a single session – but also over time.

What’s nice about this, is in fact the technological achievement they have made, yet this was obviously limited by the regulatory bodies. Go figure.

For the complete article, please CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget to set some time with our experts during the coming conferences and be sure to attend Shahar Attias sessions:

* During BAC, on Saturday, October 5th @ 3pm: “Competitive Benchmarking – Casino Tabs Within Online Sport Betting Websites” (read his speaker’s Q&A interview!)

* During EiG, on Wednesday, October 9th @ 2pm: “Delivering a seamless Omni-channel experience to your users – giving the consumer extra added value and retaining them in a highly competitive European marketplace”

That’s it. Of course you can expect our ongoing live updates from the exhibition floors and from the networking parties. So chin up – even if you are not attending this time, you can still feel somewhat good about yourself, as we are having fun for you. Yeah, right.

[youtube http://youtu.be/EUholHlmxYA]

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