Barcelona News: Shahar Attias To Speak in BAC Next Weekend

Attention all affiliates and you lovely account managers: join Shahar Attias, the founder and CEO of Hybrid Interaction, the premier online gaming consulting firm, as he delivers an objective review of the leading bookies in iGaming and benchmark how good (or bad…) they are at maximizing the ROI on their casino offering.

When? Saturday, October 5th @ 3pm (Day #3 of the BAC)

Want your own betting brand to be reviewed and bashed praised in front of a group of mocking (and mostly drunk) strangers?CUinBarcelona2

At the comment box below, simply list your name, website and a link to your profile picture in case you are a cute account manager.

NOT a cute account manager? Well, just forget about it then…


PS: you can also catch a chat with our retention experts during the EiG, just few days after BAC (OCT 8-10), at the same venue. Easy.

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Shahar Attias, CEO "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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