Poll Results: 888 is the best online casino software for Atlantic City

Last week we have asked you to help our internet-less colleagues in New-Jersey, and rank the various B2B platforms that were already adopted by the local bricks-and-mortar properties.

The poll was exclusively hosted on the iGaming Business group on LinkedIn for two simple reasons: 1. they were nice enough people to allow us to do so, and 2. they actually have readers who comment. Yes, we know, your mind has just blown up… you never thought the option to comment on a post you like even existed – how remarkable (PS: that’s somewhat irrelevant to you Thomas – you have never had ANY thought, at all). 

Anyway, as promised, here are the results!

PollResultsIt turned out that Caesars decision to partner with 888 was the right choice to make. 34% of the voters agreed on that.

Coming right after them is the Borgata (owned by MGM & Boyd), who partnered with bwin.party and have managed to convince 25% of the voters.

The question is – what about the Tropicana? Even after picking the platform behind one of the more successful online brands in the UK (GameSys), they have finished last with only 5% support.

The Golden Nugget with Bally (15%) and Trump Plaza with GameAccount (13%) have finished 3rd and 4th, but the difference between all last 3 spots was only one voter apart, so it’s less distinctive.

Conclusion: it seems that those partnerships that were announced well ahead of the NJ deadline (888 and bwin.party) have convinced the readers with their software capabilities. Does it mean that the other deals were signed in a rush? Probably, but it doesn’t means that they can’t perform (AKA Jackpotjoy).

Another important question is what brand could best convey their offline essence to the internet? This probably has less to do with the technology and more with marketing, and we will try to address this topic in the future weeks.

That’s how it is with long terms partnerships – they are like marriage. You can have all the fun you want in advance, but at that decisive moment, it’s all about seating arrangements.


The EiG is back this coming October in Barcelona. Yeah, it’s a nice city and all, but the weather is nothing like London… right. There is €200 discount for you if you register by July 19th, and as a main attraction, you can attend the “Omni-Channel Experience” panel, with our own Shahar Attias as one of the speakers. And you thought that your life couldn’t get any better…

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1 Response to Poll Results: 888 is the best online casino software for Atlantic City

  1. Eran Menachemi says:

    Well done 888 :-)

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