Oh My God, They’ve Killed My CRM ROI! You BASTARDS!!

In other, less interesting industries, they hire CRM people not according to how they look, but according to the benefit they can yield out of the company’s existing resources. It’s the sales people job to acquire new customers (AKA Invest), and the entire operation rely on CRM to maximize the revenue, or generate the Return On this Investment.

558749_10151011715668368_955172545_nFast forward to our highly moral industry: while unfiltered glances at iGaming CRM people can definitely harm your eyes (along with a good chance of picking up “digestive disorders”), what do we do with ROI?

Yes, we have our own metrics and KPIs, and we always strive to increase our players’ lifetime value, yet can we learn from those boring non-gaming people and adopt their practices? In the following article by crmbuyer.com, they highlight “5 Things That Kill CRM ROI Dead”:

  1. Replacing Information Silos With CRM Silos
  2. Sales and Marketing Infighting
  3. Generating Reports Just to Generate Reports
  4. Using Social Media as a Broadcasting Medium
  5. Creating ‘Relationships’ That Don’t Extend to the Customer

If you want to avoid from doing the same mistakes, other than adding: “6. Refrain from hiring Thomas”, how would you go and convert these into online casino/poker/etc.?

Would love to hear your thoughts: as a comment below, on a LinkedIN group discussion or in person during the Russian Gaming Week, early next month. Your feedback means gold to us! Or at least, something with a similar tone…

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