Diamonds Are a CRMer’s Best Friend

Another boring article? Coming right up! But this time it’s a classic. As classic as seeing Thomas updating another failing KPIs chart on his iPad… using a pencil.

DiamondUnlike Thomas, this document had a major positive effect on everyone who is dealing with Player Development in our highly moral industry: it’s the story of Gary Loveman, former CEO of Harrah’s (recently changed to being called Caesars), who describes how, under his management, they have “increased customer loyalty, even in the current challenging economy, in two ways. First, we use database marketing and decision-science-based analytical tools to widen the gap between us and casino operators who base their customer incentives more on intuition than evidence. Second, we deliver the great service that consumers demand. In short, we’ve come out on top in the casino wars by mining our customer data deeply, running marketing experiments, and using the results to develop and implement finely tuned marketing and service-delivery strategies that keep our customers coming back.”

CLICK HERE for the original summary at the “Harvard Business Review magazine” (yes we are being posh these days).

Yeap – the basics of our essence as Excel freaks: dice your DB well enough so you can easily chew it, and increase your player lifetime-value. Speaking of chewing, have you ever wondered how different animals consume their food?

  1. Looking for the complete “Diamonds in the Data Mine” document? Contact us for details.
  2. This time next month: Meet us in Moscow! No, not you, send that other more-attractive-and-much-more-successful-colleague of yours :) Kidding… no, we are not.

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