Rolling Update: 888 Promo

** Closing update: following a further chat on Twitter with the guys running the 888 Casino, we have agreed on a discussion planned for next week. During this meeting we should review this and other promo related topics. Obviously, any content that can be made public will be also covered here in the blog. Stay tuned, bi***es!

PS: I have meant birdies, you perverts!

PS2: We have an initial agreement with AllSlots for a recorded video interview to be broadcast here on iGamingCRM… who’s your daddy, CRMers?


888 have contacted us on Twitter, saying that the Halloween Promo we have reviewed last week is not the right one, followed by a request to review a different themed campaign.

As written in our analysis, we have covered their new “Elm St.” slot machine launch, and their VIP promos for October – which is all they have managed to publish prior to the holiday weekend. All together, these activities have scored 60 points out of 100 (lowest ranking online casino promotional activity for the 2012 Halloween Promothon).

According to their Twitter, the new promo was launched only minutes prior to contacting us. Being CRM wizards, we like to be on the safe side, so we have asked if they are certain they want us to review their new promo as well. The oh-so-corporate answer was: “well, only if you have good things to say! :)”. WTF?

To that, the only possible answer we could suggest was paraphrasing on Jack Nicholson‘s immortal catch phrase… see for yourself:

Haven’t seen “A Few Good Men” yet? There is one hell of a code-red waiting for you!


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