Get your FREE Social Media Metrics Dashboard right here!

Wouldn’t you want to be like Joakim Nilsson? Yes, I know you would – most of you would kill to be as cool as he is.

And why is that? Because on top of being a known Social CRM expert – one of the sexist areas online at the moment (as you may have read in our sCRM Intro) – he was also nice enough to share with the rest of us his new social media metrics “dashboard.” Using it, you can begin to evaluate how effective your social media strategy is and what you might want to modify.

Basically, the dashboard is an Excel table (yeah!) in which you enter known quantities, such as number of your blog posts or tweets each a month, the interaction parameters (likes, shares, +1’s, or -1’s, in the case of Thomas) and the reach through the different social networks. He then suggests weight scores for each parameter based on his experience, which can calculate for you the following super important ratios:

  • Interactions/Activity: This is your Conversion Relevance, and if you have ever operated a Facebook business page, you already know that it’s a very crucial KPI.
  • Potential Reach/Activity: This represents the average number of people potentially reached per activity. This allows you to calculate the relative potential payoff for each separate activity.
  • Interaction/Subscribers: In other words, your subscribers’ level of interaction. This helps you assess the level of activity within your total network (i.e, How many of your fans are active?).

You can read the complete post over here, or directly download the template and then gaze at it for few hours before returning to read the post anyway :)

Not that I underestimate your skills (no, not at all … ), but as there are hardly any nude pictures anywhere to be found on his blog (damn it!), I can only assume it will be like Korean to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Joakim’s work is free to use, and all he asks in return is for you to share it on whatever social media tool you frequently use. I just did – now it’s your turn.

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2 Responses to Get your FREE Social Media Metrics Dashboard right here!

  1. Thanks for sharing this Shahar! If anyone needs help with the dashboard, just ping me!

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