Social gaming retention marketing: a new way of thinking

eGR, one of the leading media giants in iGaming, has recently launched a new service, Social Casino Intelligence, focused at casino-style social games. As pioneers in this sector, Hybrid Interaction have been proudly co-sponsoring the first-ever issue of this magazine:

* To read this issue, including our advertisement at page #7, please CLICK HERE.

This (relatively) “new sector on the block”, mainly consisting of Facebook games, can be perceived as just another spin-off vertical of our Online Gambling, but if you look deeper into the working routines and analyze the statistics, you find out that it is in fact an industry of its own. When comparing the massive differences between their LTV figures to what we are used to as CRM executives, you understand that the situation simply dictates a totally different approach when it comes to Player Development Strategies.

Within the first-ever issue of this magazine, you can find an interview with yours truly at page #33. In this discussion, I talk about the new Retention Marketing Tactics you need to adopt when switching from our highly moral NGR-based approach, to simply not allowing your players to ever withdraw. It’s not as easy as it may sound…

I also share few insights from some of the case studies we have had, such as the projects with Crazy Cash Slots and with Virgin Gaming.

* For the complete article (page #33), please CLICK HERE.

As for the fifth and concluding part of out Clubathon Series: we are still waiting for some feedback from the leading US Offline Player Clubs – that is, if we will ever get any reply :) Anyway, next week we will publish this, if they call or don’t call me, maybe.

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  1. Yes! Finally something about call centre.

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