Webinar VOD: SEO and CRM in Online Gambling

Or should it be, WOD, Webinar-on-Demand? In any case, experts from both Hybrid Interaction (CRM) and Promodo (SEO) have joined forces and laid out what it takes to grow your iGaming business in these modern times.

We promise you a life packed with joy and moral values if you:

  • Download both presentations at Promodo’s dedicated webpage
  • View a recorded clip of the webinar, either below, or at the same destination
  • Spot Thomas around, make him please stop sneaking into the Women Weightlifting tournament… even by their standards, he can’t possibly considered to be a decent catch

How to catch and keep iGaming players with SEO & Retention Marketing

PS: as for our Clubathon Series (Part #1Part #2Part #3, Part #4), the final and concluding article will be posted in few days. STAY TUNED :)

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Shahar Attias, CEO www.hybridinteraction.com "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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