Pint of the Irish

What can you expect from next week’s iGaming Super Show? Here is a partial list:

  • Fantastic Beer – checked!
  • Amazing Parties – checked!
  • Leading a lifestyle way beyond your budget and expense your boss – checked!
  • Sunny mornings and warm nights – checked!  (well, sort of… Ireland, you know)
  • Women you can only dream on being actually with you on the same planet – checked!

(yes, but considering your looks, you are probably used to that already)

Oh, and that’s small thing people call the conference. Yes – at some point we will have to attend it as well, and indulge ourselves for few minutes before people will note we do NOT have the yellow affiliate tags and stop even looking at us.

Yet there is also the intellectual aspect of the event, with speakers, panels and all sorts of things that fit us highly moral geeks much better than plain fun and good-looking models.

This is where we will have a chance to meet up, at noon, May 24, in Conference Room 1, ready to co-host a panel discussion dubbed as “2012 Viewpoint” (no Thomas, I won’t be sharing the stage with 2011 other experts!).

So far, we were suggested to discuss the following topics:

  • 2011 Overview – what were the biggest stories from the last year and how did they impact the industry?
  • Regulation – Italy & France, now Denmark and Spain and soon Germany & the USA – what are the panel’s thoughts?
    • One of our readers, JJ Woods, asked if we could expand this topic a bit: “regarding the regulation Topic , i certainly think you should include ireland!”
  • Mobile – Will it become the preferred channel this year with major events such as the Olympics  and Euro 2012
  • Social Media – Will we see traditional gaming companies moving there in 2012, trying to dominate another channel, or will it be the other way around?
  • Open Debate – get the panelists’ opinions on:
    a. Full Tilt Poker – Does the brand still hold a chance?
    b. Playtech – Is there any valid competition?
    c. Asia – for once and for all, can we do it there using the same techniques?

Feel free hitting us with what makes you itch, and if it somehow has to do with our industry, we will do our best to insult you with an articulate reply, and occasionally, some other people might think this is relevant and smart. How could you ever pass on such an opportunity?

Trying to train myself to the drinking standards required at such events, I have already turned into a Zombie.

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Shahar Attias, CEO "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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