Everest Goes VIP

A new Loyalty Scheme is always a good reason for all of us Retention Marketing Experts to have a look at the competition, and try to analyze how their Player Development pros are facing the problems we all deal with during our day jobs. Yes, same one you guys do with your clothes on :)

Everest Gaming is not just any name – it’s one of the most established and well-known brands that are out there, and they have recently launched a Points-Based VIP Program with 2 of their leading casino skins. Using our highly developed moral values, we are happy to disclose that we were indeed part of the thinking process, yet as always, remain objective with our review:

The Good: a transparent, easy to understand program, with super generous terms that focus on what players like most.

The Bad: well some of the procedures had to be designed to operate manually for now, but that’s really not a customer-facing negative point at all, so it can’t be counted… How about you guys tell us what can be improved?

The Ugly: well, Thomas, but you kind of knew that already.

For the complete PR, please Click Here, or go directly to the program details at the online casinos’ dedicated sections:



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1 Response to Everest Goes VIP

  1. Eran says:

    Good luck
    I liked the ugly (part)

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