Baby, he did it again

Earlier this month, Scott Yeates went on camera and yack-yack-yacked with Warren from Casino Affiliate Programs about the secrets to success. We know sharing is caring, so we had no problems with that at all. So we told him that. Over and over again, while hammering bamboo sticks under his fingernails. Until he surprisingly agreed – voluntarily! – not to record any additional revealing video interviews again. I guess it’s true what Carl von Clausewitz said about political intercourse, along with the addition of other means… Looks like diplomacy does work after all :)

So once video is out of the picture (ha-ha!), our own Master of Indiscretion (hmm, not bad) has just released not one, but  TWO professional articles… he first wrote a piece for the CAP people about how people in this highly moral industry of ours could learn several things from the way Royal Caribbean plans and builds its cruise ships. Then he went and found examples about the dangers of not keeping up with changing trends on the Internet, pointing an accusing finger at a search engine he once loved that starts with a Y and ends with an exclamation point (no Thomas, not “Yogi the Bear!”…).

You don’t need to read these posts. These are not the articles you are looking for. You can go about your business. Move along. Move along.

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