Yeates tells all: Our poker expert spills the beans on video

You’d think a poker player – a WORLD-CLASS poker expert! – would be careful about sharing what he knows. You know, play his cards close to the vest, right? Especially with that US online poker regulation going on! But not our own Scott Yeates. In an extensive video interview with Warren from CAP, Scott talks about VIP strategies, bonuses, player habits on the Internet … you name it.

But we don’t really mind that much, knowing you people and your highly moral preferences regarding what type of videos to consume online (no Thomas, lasting 17 seconds doesn’t count as satisfying by any partner), so you know, before reaching the part in which he shares the keys to success in Online Gambling Retention Marketing, you’d probably fall asleep or something.

PS: due to our agreement with CAP, we provide the video “as is”, including the annoying ad. We do apologize for that (mainly, because we are getting nothing out of it…)

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1 Response to Yeates tells all: Our poker expert spills the beans on video

  1. Eran says:

    when you share your secrets they should share their revenues…

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