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Ever heard of Binary Options? They are considered to be the new kid on the iGaming block, and surprisingly enough – you can make money in this form of gambling as well, much like with online casinos. But let’s begin with explaining what’s a Binary Numeral System to those who are not geek as we are (i.e. have a living pulse…).

We normally use a Decimal System, in which the figures 0 – 9 are used in order to represent all the known numbers. In the binary version, you would use only 1 and 0, so the figure 9 would be written as 1001, 5 as 101, 3 as 11 (and 0 as Thomas).

Therefore, a Binary Option is a trading tool allowing the user to either pick if the price trend is going to go up (CALL) or down (PUT). Yes, had a sense that even with that bitching hangover lasting since New Year’s Eve, you would still be able to understand it.

In an article written for our fellow online gambling affiliates, we have tried – using very simple words, of course – to explain how the house advantage of such a Financial Trading vertical would work, what are the major KPIs, and why the hell they should care about Conversion and Retention, and also be focused at the CRM & LTV aspects of this yet another, highly moral activity: http://tinyurl.com/HI-AFF2

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