A Virtual Industry Deserves a Virtual Gaming Show

VGSNext week our highly moral industry is going to gather yet again, but everyone are going to remain at their offices (well, those of you who DO work, that is):

The Virtual Gaming Show is an online meetup of industry professionals that takes place in a conference Setting. You get an avatar and walk the exhibition floor, chat with people, see booths, participate in lectures and hangout at the bar. It has all the advantages of a real exhibition only it is online.

The upcoming Virtual Gaming Show on September 11-12 will host land casinos, online casinos, affiliates, sportsbooks and social/mobile gaming people. Whether you are a service provider, a brick and mortar casino, an affiliate or an operator the virtual gaming show is where you want to be on those dates.

There are many exhibitor perks for doing a show online. Exhibitors, check out the sponsorship opportunities and attendees, visit the show to see:

[youtube http://youtu.be/7xcq8iXcVHY]

PS: On top of chatting to (most likely) a much better looking avatar than the common iGaming exec, you can meet the Hybrid Interaction team during these upcoming events:


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Shahar Attias, CEO www.hybridinteraction.com "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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