Pictures from the #iGSS2012 Welcome Party

**  Rolling Update: Pictures from Day #1 of the Event

Democracy… Justice… Environment… and many more crucially important topics were fiercely discusses during yesterday’s kick-off event, while in the background people were involved in charity donations and giving back to the society. That’s  what you can expect when a highly moral industry celebrates. Meanwhile, back at the iGaming Super Show, we were partying like there is no conference today, splashing free drinks on each other and roaring with laughter when people were giving back to the society all they have just ate and drunk. Fantastic.

But you are here for the guided pictorial summary, so let’s begin – no point with trying to make you feel bad about yourself anyways – you have stayed back at the office, and that’s hard enough as it is…

As always, it all begins with acquisition, mind you, and with the best channel to do so, in terms of ROI:

But in order to be at the party, you need to get there, and this how normal people reach their destination these days, with models dressed in fishing net pantyhose driving them in gold carts, because taking a 3-minutes walk is so 2011:

So this is how the party started:

And this is how it ended:

(yes, Thomas was the one drinking the ashtray)

At the party, I was taking pictures with the organizers,:

Spotting industry celebs of all sorts,:

and trying to protect my eyes from the blond glare:

(BTW: if you envy the guy in between the 3 girls, even a little bit, then please don’t – simply because you will never be in his position, so there is really no point in doing so)

All in all, great atmosphere, and now we are ready to begin another hard-working day! (given of course that tonight will look exactly like that all over again :)

**  Rolling Update: Pictures from Day #1 of the Event

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