“…company’s sales come from two groups: new customers and repeat customers. One estimate is that attracting a new customer can cost 5 times as much as pleasing an existing one. And it might cost 16 times as much to bring the new customer to the same level of profitability as that of the lost customer. Customer retention is thus more important than customer attraction.” (Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, Univ. of Phoenix).

This paragraph simply sum it all: that’s what we do every day, and we just LOVE it If you are here reading this text in between analyzing which segment is best to target with your new weekend promo – then we are thrilled to welcome you to your new home on the net, as this blog will deal with everything that might interest a Player Development executive in our industry.

During the next few weeks, we promise to keep this blog quite update, with at least 2 posts a week, all dealing with CRM / Loyalty / Conversion / Retention / Promotions / VIP management / Segmentation and anything else that you guys get paid for.

Why do we do it?

A. Mind your own business.

B. Already said – we really really enjoy this s**t.

We wish you joyful reading, and totally recommend to comment on every bloody post, and definitely join our mailing list right here on the right hand sidebar. Will we spam you? Not really sure yet… what would you do?

About iGamingCRM Blog

Shahar Attias, CEO www.hybridinteraction.com "Care to Make it Interesting?"
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